Month: November 2016

SBE16 Malta, Waste Minimisation, a Design Review

A design review on waste minimisation was presented by QP Head of Sustainability, Perit Nicolette Micallef during the “International Conference: Europe and the Mediterranean – Towards a Sustainable Built Environment” held in Malta, between the 16th and 18th of March 2016.

The text presented provided designers with information on how to design out waste and guidance on opportunities available for the minimisation of waste through the design process. It also provided information on how to implement a design review within an organisation to reduce construction waste on already designed projects.

The document also addressed the five basic principles of Designing Out Waste and key actions for Design Teams:

  •       design for reuse;
  •       design for modern methods of construction;
  •       design for material optimisation;
  •       design for waste efficient procurement; and
  •       design for deconstruction and flexibility.


The Case for Action

2.1.     Material Resource Efficiency
2.2.     Drivers for reducing waste
2.2.1.  Site Waste Management Plan Regulations
2.2.2.  Landfill Tax and Aggregates Levy
2.2.3.  Financial Drivers.