Month: September 2017

Construction Industry in Malta facing crisis of labour shortages

Construction Industry

The Business Observer interviews David Xuereb and other industry participants about the labour shortage in the Construction Industry.

“It is today a fact that engaging a contractor to bid for a project or mobilise resources on a project may take many months,” David Xuereb, CEO of architectural firm QPM Ltd and Deputy President of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, told The Business Observer. “Considerable economic activity exists in all sectors of the industry,” he said, maintaining that the overall positive economic climate has significantly influenced the confidence in the property market and associated service, manufacturing and retail industries, providing much economic activity and employment opportunities in the construction industry. “These opportunities were not matched with local/national employment resources and the industry has experienced a significant influx of imported labour that in itself requires legislation and regulation,” Perit Xuereb affirmed, adding that the “shortage of resources – labour, equipment and logistics – to deal with this high demand is a clear fact.”  Read more.