Month: January 2018

€873 million EU investment in energy infrastructure adopted by EU Member States

CEF Energy

The EU Member States represented in the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) Coordination Committee approved today the European Commission’s proposal to invest €873 million in 17 key European energy infrastructure projects that will improve the integration of the internal energy market and the interoperability of electricity and gas networks across borders.

The investment is made via the CEF programme, the EU’s financial mechanism supporting trans-European infrastructure.

Of the 17 projects selected for funding, eight are in the electricity sector (EU support €680 million) and nine in the gas sector (EU support €193 million). Four projects relate to construction works (EU support €723 million) and 13 to studies (EU support €150 million).

The largest part of the funding will be devoted to the construction of the Biscay Gulf France-Spain interconnection (EU support €578 million) – a new electricity link that will better integrate the Iberian Peninsula into the internal electricity market. The new link will nearly double the interconnection capacity between both countries, increasing it from 2,800 MW to 5,000 MW, and will bring Spain closer to the 10% interconnection target from the current level of 6%.  Read more.


Masterplan needed for Marsa and the inner Grand Harbour area


Church Environment Commission (KA) would like to highlight the current opportunities and risks facing Marsa and the inner Grand Harbour area, and is recommending that an updated vision and a masterplan, based on a sound public consultation process, be drawn up for this important area to enable it to reach its full potential in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner in the best public interest.

During the second half of the 20th century, the area acquired a reputation as one of the most heavily polluted areas of the country. With the shrinking of activity around the dockyards, the closing down of the Marsa Shipbuilding Company, and most recently, the decommissioning of the old power station, new possibilities have been created for another great transformation of the region. This may take different shapes. Some of these possible future directions are more socially equitable, economically sound and sustainable, environmentally responsible, and enriching to the quality of life and wellbeing of future generations. Other possible future directions are rather less desirable, being driven by opportunistic ventures for short-term financial gain. Marsa is at an important crossroad, as is the entire inner Grand Harbour area!  The potential of the area for creative regeneration is difficult to overestimate. The vast stretches of land formerly occupied by the Marsa Power Station and by Marsa Shipbuilding each enjoy long water frontages, with already established aligned piers and mooring facilities, which are valuable and inalienable public assets. The decline in pollution that has resulted directly from the cessation of the activity of these two industrial plants has also created new hope for creating a cleaner environment.  Read more.


The team at QP is growing. We are looking for a project manager | project planner | cost and contract manager | quantity surveyor


Be an integral member of the project or cost management teams responsible for the evaluation, negotiation, execution, implementation and management of construction contracts.   Lead/ participate in all activities related to the contractual, legal, commercial and insurance issues related to construction contracts with clients including the drafting of contracts. Form part of the team that will manage and co‐ordinate the contract lifecycle process including review and approval of change orders.

You shall possess a degree in a related field or be a Member/ Fellow of the RICS with experience. You show technical and commercial understanding and feed into a coherent and logical contract document.   You are able to lead and deliver on all post contract matters while working with a wider project team in an effective manner.

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The team at QP is growing. We are looking for a building services engineering drafting technician


Working closely with architects, engineers and designers in a multidisciplinary environment and be directly involved in the delivery of projects.   With a strong ability to communicate specific technical subjects, assist and complete tasks received from designers.   Prepare general arrangement and detailed design and/ or engineering drawings using AutoCAD.   Prepare drawings extracted from the 3D model.   Provide inputs into BIM processes required for collaborative working across multi disciplines.   Ensure full records of incoming/outgoing project and issued information are maintained.

You hold a relevant minimum Advanced Diploma (level 4) qualification and have AutoCAD experience.   You are willing to garner design and/ or engineering experience as a CAD technician working in that field on a wide variety of projects.   You are able to produce correct quality work and are a reliable team player and show initiative.

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