Month: March 2018

Irrestawra Darek grant scheme re-issued

Grant Scheme

The €12 million  Irrestawra Darek grant scheme has been re-launched for a second term by the Planning Authority.  The scheme was upped by a further €2 million from last year and is set to assist in the regeneration of Malta’s village core areas whilst promoting investment in the restoration, conservation and maintenance of Malta’s built heritage.   The scheme is also open to a number of beneficiaries whose property is located within an Urban Conservation Area (UCA), properties of registered voluntary organisations within UCAs and persons with special needs.  Following the response and immediate take up of the funds last year, the Authority has apportioned the allocated €10 million. The largest amount, that of €7.5 million, is being allocated to privately owned residential properties located within UCAs and Grade 1 and Grade 2 scheduled buildings, €1 million is being secured for persons with special needs, a further €1 million is being reserved for senior citizens (65+) and €500,000 for properties of registered voluntary organisations within UCAs.  This scheme will commence on the 2nd April 2018 and will close on the 28th June 2018.  Read more.


Source: Planning Authority

Revised Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations

The Building Regulation Office (BRO) has issued revised Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations as published in L.N. 47 of 2018.  The scope of these regulations is of limiting environmental degradation through appropriate construction management practices that cause the least nuisance to neighbours, minimising the risk of injury to the public, protecting the property belonging to the Government and Local Councils, and as much as possible reducing the harm to the environment.  Read more.

Source: Building Regulation Office

Mediterranean Tourism Forum 2018


This year’s chosen theme for the Mediterranean Tourism Forum 2018 was ‘Beautiful Life Unites Everyone’ (BLUE). Over 1200 people from over 39 countries, with an interest in Mediterranean Tourism, attended with the aim of discussing new avenues of promoting the industry as a vehicle for peace and stability across the region.  Both local and international seasoned speakers got together to share their experience and knowledge with all present,  leading them to undertake sustainable tourism projects and initiatives.  During this prestigious event experts in the field of energy efficiency were engaged with a view to establish the parameters for the introduction of a structured incentives system that rewards Energy Efficient Solutions adopted by hotels and restaurants.  QP participated in the panel discussion focusing on “Incorporating technology effectively to ensure optimal energy efficiency results in the hospitality sector”.  Read more.