Month: November 2020

QP Breaking news! Probably dating to the Punic-Roman period, a shaft and chamber tomb has been discovered in the south of Malta

Recently, a shaft and chamber tomb, probably dating to the Punic-Roman period has been uncovered in the south of Malta with its stone sealing slab still in place during monitoring by our archaeologists from the Heritage and Geomatics team under the supervision of the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage. The tomb is now being investigated by the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage in collaboration with the archaeologists from our Heritage and Geomatics team.

At QP, we strive to enhance the rich Maltese historic environment through our dedicated team of archaeologists who are relentless in their work to discover and preserve our island’s heritage.  Each member of our team is qualified and competent to this work.   We couple our team’s knowledge and expertise to provide desk-based assessment and archival research, monitoring and on-site guidance, surveying, investigations and excavation, post-excavation and reporting. And we do not stop there. We can also provide archaeological advice to planners and developers on strategic planning policies and individual planning applications.