• QP employee, Clarabel Versace has been appointed as a member of the newly formed Council for the Malta Chamber of Construction Management

    The Malta Chamber of Construction Management (MCCM) represents construction professionals in the built environment at the various levels operating in Malta. Its primary objective is to promote high standards in quality, ethics, and integrity within the industry. MCCM is also at the forefront of innovation of the local built environment working to have a positive impact on general policies and regulations that govern the industry.

    An integral part of the Chamber’s mission statement is ‘to be at the forefront of public education, encouraging research and sharing the outcome from this research’. It is with great pleasure for QP to congratulate Clarabel for her new role within the Malta Chamber for Construction Managers. She has been entrusted with the Education and Development sector of the Chamber. Within this role, together with the team, she will be focusing on the educational aspect of the construction managers roles within the industry. She will be also representing the upcoming generations and women with the industry, to increase their involvement.

    Part of her work will include identifying existing local and foreign courses eligible for such roles whilst holding discussions and participating in the collaborative agreements with institutions to make courses available to address the needs of the management sector at all levels. She has also been entrusted with guiding individuals who are interested in the sector on how to become a Construction Project Manager, Construction Site Manager and other managerial roles within the industry. In addition to this, she will provide guidance to the MCCM members who are interested in improving their academic levels, including the promotion of continuous development programs, such that they can develop and progress further in the industry.  

    Feel free to reach out to the Malta Chamber of Construction Management and to Clarabel.   QP remains supportive of this initiative and wishes the Chamber a positive and fruitful participation in the industry.

    Clarabel graduated 5 years ago with a Bachelors in Construction Engineering, and since then she has been an integral part of QP’s Architecture team.

    Find out more about MCCM: https://mccm.org.mt/