• Sustainable Living Complex Project

    QP has been appointed, under a Design-and Build Contract, as Structural Engineers, Site Managers and M&E Detailers for the Sustainable Living Complex Project at the University of Malta. The project envisages the civil works for the construction of research, teaching and office facilities at the University of Malta, on a site footprint of over 9,000sq.m. The project is divided into two superstructure buildings, one accommodating offices and small laboratories, whilst the other design studios. At ground floor level, approached from an internal street/plaza, contains lecture halls and tutorial rooms. The substructure levels are dedicated to laboratories and workshops.

    The building provides a robust and adaptable framework for state-of-the-art product research and development, with laboratories, offices, workshops, and specialist areas all capable of adapting to respond to future demands. This is a very challenging project for QP both from a design and a construction point of view and makes use of a hybrid of construction techniques and practices, including reinforced concrete core and frames and structural steelwork inclined columns, diagrid and space frame.

    The design we developed comprises a reinforced concrete frame structure with cast-in-situ / precast prestressed slabs and in-situ concrete cores designed to resist lateral forces. Long-open plan halls have been roofed over using specifically-designed prestressed beams. At ground floor level, a system of inclined structural steel inclined columns have been introduced, supporting the transfer level.

    QP was tasked with a number of challenges in the design, including devising a multi-storey structure that rests on inclined columns. The central feature of the space is a monumental staircase suspended from a steel diagrid enclosing the central atrium.

    We worked extremely closely with the stakeholders to integrate the engineering design into the architectural form, allowing us to render the spacious areas desired by our Client and resulting in a building that is highly functional and aesthetically beautiful.

    QP is making use of the latest software for the analysis, design and detailing of reinforced concrete and steel buildings, which enables the creation and management of 3D structural models from concept to fabrication.

    Bringing together engineering teams and leading the way as innovative multidisciplinary design, the new SLC complex is a showpiece for QP. The project represents the ambitions of the University of Malta, demonstrating the best in architectural and engineering design while offering an inspirational environment.

    The project is expected to be completed in shell form by the third-quarter of 2022.