• The endless possibilities of light and digital signage

    Technology has redefined the process of architectural lighting design. The change is substantial on two fronts: the actual light source itself, and the tools with which designers and engineers create and develop their work. Every aspect of lighting has been affected by the move to digital technologies and digital light. While these advances offer new opportunities in project execution, they also present their own challenges, such as added costs and increased client expectations.

    Digital signage also plays a vital role in the transformation of a project providing an experience in today’s communication concept.  This transformation directly effects the way in which a project is perceived and envisaged.

    To keep abreast of these developments, QP chose these technologies as its focus for this month’s ThinkTank.  The event was attended by members of the Building Services, Architecture and Interior Design disciplines who got to engage with the experts in the field.  This event was hosted in collaboration with Doublesin & Zammit and Brighter Solutions Ltd.