Bahia, Michelin-Star Restaurant

Award-winning fine dining restaurant recognised in providing the best culinary experiences
Bahia, Michelin-Star Restaurant
  • Project Type
    Food & Beverage | Hospitality
  • Location
  • Services
    Design + Engineer
  • Value
    < 1 mil
  • Status
    Completed 2022
Bahia michelin restaurant malta

QP Interiors led the redesign of this Michelin-starred restaurant together with the support of QP Architecture, Structure, and Building Services Departments. The idea behind this concept was to create a metamorphic experience where guests are welcomed at "The Seed" - which is the bar lounge, where the colours are muted and ‘dry’ like the seed itself, the main focus is on textures: woven baskets and rough soil with occasional pops of deep orange to represent the fully ripe fruit. Then goes ‘The Growth’ – the main dining halls where guests find themselves among the newly sprouted orange groves. ‘The Bloom’, the most theatrical of sights, is in the private dining room. Here you see nothing but white flower petals above you. The feast of ‘The Harvest’ is at the outdoor dining terraces.


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