Engineering is about using science to find creative, practical solutions

We relentlessly strive to innovate and engineer better buildings that are not simply aesthetically pleasing but are functional and cost-effective. We do this by skilfully crafting engineering solutions to unlock the maximum potential of the technologies we use. Quality, reliability and safety are paramount.

To produce the best solution at the lowest possible cost, we carry out a detailed analysis at the outset of every project focusing on design, structures, systems and equipment. We get involved at an early stage with systems and technology providers to ensure that potential delays or unforeseen costs are eliminated.

We never compromise on quality, and our rigorous processes leave no stone unturned to achieve the highest quality in every detail of the project. We consistently aim to deliver the best service possible and benchmark our performance against a set of established engineering and quality principles.

Structural Engineering

As design innovation in architecture continues to evolve, structural design and construction demands have become increasingly more challenging and complex in nature. The need for efficient solutions that address the demand for quality in construction projects has therefore become increasingly relevant.

Our engineers offer design solutions to a broad range of business sectors. The engineers consider the efficiency, functionality and sustainability of the engineering solutions to meet the architectural vision and Client aspirations.

  • Building design
  • Construction design
  • Infrastructural design
  • Change management
  • Due diligence and regulatory compliance
  • Restoration and heritage consultancy
  • Structural integrity managment
  • Precast and post-tension concrete engineering
  • Structural assesment
  • Structural steel
  • Quality control and managment
  • Research and development
  • Reinforced concrete engineering

Civil Engineering

We work with our clients to find equitable civil and infrastructural solutions to address the engineering challenges from complex foundation design to road and infrastructural construction to airport runways. We work on multi-material recovery facilities, waste-to-energy plants, waste treatment plants and the like.

The complexity of these projects require a close collaboration between multiple disciplines to provide a holistic and integrated engineering solution. We ensure that all core engineering solutions are properly coordinated with specialist advice to address the specific function of the installation in order to ascertain that the working conditions are achieved with efficiency and for significantly higher levels of performance and life safety whilst seeking to reduce construction and operating costs.

We initially get involved in specific site studies and project brief definition to form the basis of our design development, site implementation and commissioning activities. We participate with other stakeholders, as well as the wider multidisciplinary team at QP, to deliver facilities, structures and buildings that function with outstanding performance. We represent our clients as technical experts throughout the project lifecycle.

  • Landform and earthworks
  • Geotechnical
  • Road construction
  • Airside infrastructure
  • Foreshore structures
  • Smart/digital infrastructure
  • Foul and storm water drainage
  • Utilities

Building Services

We skilfully combine technology and innovation to produce integrated design solutions for completely new as well as regeneration projects.   Our building services engineers provide comprehensive consultancy services on the latest mechanical, electrical, data, building management and audio-visual technologies.   These are integrated through our IT specialists who support building intelligence - resulting in a unique solution that covers sustainability requirements and gives our clients ultimate control.

Efficient and innovative engineering solutions bring the building to life and provide the living environment for the end user. A safe, healthy and sustainable environment is essential to providing a successful building.

Our approach is to combine technology and innovation to produce sustainable integrated building services design solutions that meet wide-ranging needs and maximise efficiency for both new build and refurbishments.  

Our professional skills include all aspects of building services engineering with sustainable and low carbon design at the core of our decision making process.   Through our projects we enable holistic design and refurbishment of buildings that are sympathetic to their environment whilst ensuring that they realise their full potential throughout their lifetime

  • Acoustics, Noise and Vibration
  • Air Quality
  • Building Energy Management System
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Fire Engineering
  • ICT and Communications
  • Lighting Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • HVAC
  • Utility Services
  • Vertical Transportation
  • Water Management
  • Carbon Management


We provide wide range of solutions