Triton Fountain

Restoration of one of Malta's most iconic modernist landmarks
Triton Fountain
  • Project Type
    Historic Renovation
  • Location
    Valletta, Malta
  • Services
    Engineering + Management
  • Value
    1-5 mil
  • Status
    Completed 2017


Valletta’s Triton Fountain came to life at the launch of the Valletta 2018 celebrations. Intensive restoration works brought the imposing mythical structure back to its former glory. The figure, that has been guarding the entrance to this historic capital for decades, was dismantled in February 2017 and sent to Florence to be restored back to its original azurite blue colour. In the process, around 3,000 chaplets and 4 tonnes of concrete which had been poured into the figures in 1959 were removed and the new framework used to replace them was produced by a specialized factory in Venice. An internal skeletal armature was constructed to replace the column previously placed between the figures, and the tritons were meticulously re-assembled and anchored to their original position using a triangular template. QP manned the engineering works which included a new hydraulic and electrical system and a new underground plant room including ten new pumps. The latter was linked to the monument by a service tunnel. The 730 tons of Roman travertine slabs were cleaned and restored using specialised techniques and chemicals to remove the grime and bacterial residue which accumulated over the years. Lighting schemes to suit various weather conditions and compliment the city’s entrance, and new automated mechanical and electrical installations were introduced to minimise manual interventions.


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