Planning is Everything

We believe in providing a consistent approach to the management of the whole design and construction process.

On all of our projects, we work towards creating the organisational framework for the design determining the programme and priorities of the design contributors, co-ordinating the input of all designers, evaluating the quality of the input as well as providing process management in order to avoid, any medium or long-term problems in the supply of the information.

Our practices are driven by quality. Each project is approached with a non-predetermined management solution, ensuring that the solutions adopted are site and project specific. The team works closely together from concept design, through planning, construction and up to completion. This ensures that, through constant dialogue, concept, function and aesthetics are constantly addressed in the various stages of the delivery of the project.

Project Management

Successfully delivering projects internationally, often in challenging environments, is one of our hallmarks. We combine a proven track record with an understanding of our clients’ needs to bring a seamless workflow to every project, building and motivating a team and effortlessly coordinating individual suppliers while maintaining the flexibility to deal with any changes along the way. From an early stage of a project, our planners articulate the objectives of every stage of design, draw up detailed project documentation and, ultimately, co-ordinate all designers, consultants and contractors to deliver a project on time and budget.

Developments shape the economy of the local area and create our built environment. From an industry level QP aspire to improve the built environment and ensure the efficient delivery of developments and believe that through a structured PM approach any development process will be streamlined & more efficient, the impact of construction is reduced on project stakeholders, 3rd parties and the surrounding environment and the quality of the end product will be higher. At project level QP management provide professional project management services to meet your, and the project, objectives.

Through experienced, dedicated, quality professionals working as a team QP implement best practice project management procedures and structures. We build relationships with all stakeholders and are flexible to deliver tailored project management solutions for each individual Client and Project. QP have experience of delivering projects from conception through to delivery in the key sectors of the industry.

The project management of developments throughout the project lifecycle from conception to completion. QP have experience in project management is key sectors of the construction industry including hospitality, commercial and residential

  • Change Management
  • Defects Management
  • Due diligence and regulatory compliance
  • Client side project management
  • Engineering project management
  • Handover procedures management
  • Knowledge management
  • Organisational management
  • Procurement and supply chain consultancy
  • Programme strategy and management
  • Research and development
  • Resourcing and sequencing
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder and community engagement
  • Supply chain management
  • Training
  • Value engineering management

Cost Management

We are experts when it comes to costs and are able to provide clients with independent and impartial cost management advice as well as proactively managing all the expenses associated with construction. We achieve this by tapping into a comprehensive knowledge base that we have built and maintained overall several years that enables us to provide our clients with a robust cost plan for every project. As a result, our clients know they are getting the best possible value for their outlay. And we do not stop there. We also implement rigorous cost control systems to ensure that costs remain within budget for the duration of the project.

Clients require the constant review, update and feedback on any changes from the original approved budget. The instantaneous feedback of the cost implication of any proposed change not only ensures clients are aware of their financial commitment, but also provides opportunity to challenge potential costs through value engineering or even alternative proposals that mitigate the implication of cost.

We closely follow the procedures, practices and recommendations set out by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) as the world leading institution in this profession. Through such affiliation, we enhance the value we bring to our clients through the use of appropriate tools, methodologies and practices that are most appropriate for the specific development. The wealth of our local and international experience further enhances our capabilities to assess your requirements and together plan a tailor-made procurement route that most correctly addresses these requirements and the appetite for risk management and cost certainty.

Cost management is about assisting clients in establishing realistic budgets to accompany their statement of need, and ensuring this is managed throughout the whole development process right through the final account.

  • Account Management
  • Benchmarking and Feasibility Studies
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Change Control
  • Cost Modelling
  • Cost/Value Forecast and Analysis
  • Due Diligence and Protect Monitoring
  • Lifecycle and Value Engineering
  • Project Cost Audit
  • Procurement Advice
  • Risk and Value Management
  • Strategic Cost Planing and Estimating
  • Specialist Engineering Services
  • Cost Management

Technical & Design Management

Challenging design and identifying alternatives is key to ensuring that no detail has been missed and any cost efficient solution is implemented. Proactive technical and design management is a key component in the pre-construction phase because it enables us to reduce change orders due to constructibility flaws and identity discrepancies between work packages at an early stage.

We know what goes into a successful project, from the delivery of accurate documentation through to design management and timely execution. Proactive design management is a key component in the pre-construction phase, because it enables us to reduce change orders due to constructibility flaws and identify discrepancies between work packages. In consultation with our clients, we evaluate design, costs and scheduling and propose project-specific alternatives.

  • Appointment of Consultants
  • Construction Plan Assistance
  • Contracts and Procurements
  • Design Value Management
  • Organisational Management
  • Design Development Coordination
  • Interface with Client Team
  • Liaison with Authorities for Planning Consent

  • Project Execution Planning
  • Programming and phasing
  • Sustainability Management
  • Value and Risk Management


We work closely with clients to ensure the long-term environmental, social and economic sustainability of the projects we undertake and come up with tailor-made solutions for dealing with natural resources as well as expert advice on how to adapt existing buildings.

We work closely with clients to ensure the long-term environmental, social and economic sustainability of the projects we undertake and come up with tailor-made solutions for dealing with natural resources as well as expert advice on how to adapt existing buildings.
We are committed to creating value for our clients by providing strategic and technical advice in business and in delivering projects and programs that are high quality, professional and value creating. We are dedicated to efficient and effective management of available resources exemplifying our commitment to safeguarding the future for all.

Sustainable management is the ability to direct the course of your organisation and project in ways that restore and enhance all forms of capital, human, natural, and financial, to generate stakeholder value and contribute to the well-being of current and future generations. At QP we seek to add value, work to increase the well-being of our colleagues and clients, and seek to actively restore, conserve, and support ecological systems in which we work.

  • Impact Assessment and Planning
  • Waste Management
  • Energy Efficiency and Audits
  • Energy Performance Certification
  • Sustainability Reporting and Verification
  • Environment and Social Governance
  • Corporate Sustainability Strategy
  • Regulatory Advice and Regulatory

  • Requirements Updates
  • Organisational Design
  • Safety Performance Improvements
  • Risk Identification and Mitigation
  • Sustainability Accreditation
  • Lead and Breeam Coordination

Conflict & Dispute Resolution

The ability to anticipate, prevent or minimise project or cost overruns is vital. We have developed extensive expertise in formulating contracts for our clients that comply with International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) guidelines, and are able to offer unbiased advice on dispute avoidance and resolution.

  • Support in Adjudication, Arbitration or Litigation
  • Claims Preparation and Defence
  • Critical Path Network Analysis
  • Delay Analysis
  • Dispute Avoidance and Resolution
  • Mediation
  • Quantum Analysis
  • Risk Analysis of Time, Resources and Budget

Facilities Management

Building functionality is paramount, and facilities management encompasses a range of services that ensure the success of a project at an operational level. We attach great importance to tail-end solutions in our projects and have developed intelligent building management systems as well as integrated building services in order to maintain, operate and monitor building performance.

  • Facilities Management Strategy
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Support
  • Energy Services Management
  • Risk Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Facilities Consulting
  • Building Management


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