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Development Management

We work closely with you to identify the drivers for implementing a more appropriate real estate investment. We have developed a robust methodology to provide you with a detailed development feasibility and ‘optimised opportunity value’ analysis.

We identify a tangible business case and prepare a strategic brief and other core project requirement to establish a better understanding of the potential utilisation of your real estate asset.

These will be developed, at a later stage, into project objectives (including quality objectives, project outcomes, sustainability aspirations, initial concept project budget, and other parameters or constraints) to draw up the initial Project Brief.

Our Methodology

We will obtain an understanding of the market trends in the real estate area you entrust us with.

We prepare cost models to estimate the cost of the construction and finishes dependant on the anticipated type and use. The results of this model will be incorporated in the financial model.

We carry out financial models to provide a financial analysis overview and represent the financial performance of the proposed development. We identify revenue from sales or rent based on current market trends and potential.

We draw up a development area matrix intended to identify the right uses mix for the maximum/ best utilisation of the site.


In the initial phases, we primarily carry out a desktop study on applicable data in terms of policies and regulations, potential activities and market demands, and comparative cost and revenue streams. We collate information on the real estate asset such as topographic and bathymetric surveys, geotechnical data and the like.


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