A delicious and luxurious plant-based coffee shop
  • Project Type
    Food & Beverage | Hospitality
  • Location
  • Services
  • Value
    < 1 mil
  • Status
    Completed 2022

Taking its name from Josephine Pisani, the matriarch of the Corinthia founding family, this cosy coffee shop represents everything that Josephine herself has stood for - hospitality and good quality food. Over 100 years later these values still stand strong with the brand while also bringing a new wave of awareness to the clients by creating a delicious and luxurious coffee shop with sustainably sourced coffee and a plant-based food menu. The design challenge was mainly to create a unique personality within a small footprint and to blend it with the hotel lobby of the Corinthia Palace Hotel. Utilizing the classic details like wall panelling, pilasters, and Calacatta marble accents, QP stayed true to the Corinthia brand. The signature character was achieved by custom floor mosaic, fluted stone detail, and small touches of art and accessories, creating a warm inviting space for guests. The innovation aspect of this project lies in the simplicity and elegance of the materials, textures, and tones used and in the contemporary design approach that still conveys a vernacular feel consistent with the overall architectural language of the Villa Corinthia.


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